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Get the most out of the Crop data, Accurate & Precise Crop Analytics

A complete information on crop acreages, sowing status, harvesting progress and time series analysis derived by different satellite images and sensors

We analyse the crop growth from the date of sowing with the data above and below the ground with our crop models, we can predict the crop’s needs and expected growth, and can detect any deviation and identify early-stage field variability and non-uniformity of crop growth along with the crop acreages and yield estimations.


Save on Pay-outs, using the most accurate and advanced platform for Crop Insurance

An End-to-End digital platform tailored for crop insurance companies with a solution starting from field data collections & monitoring to crop loss assessment & crop loss percentage at plot level.

We integrate crop models, satellite imagery and weather forecast data alongside the Crop Indices like NDVI, EVI, SAVI, CI etc from the optical sensors and RVI, DRVI, RVI4S1 and more from the microwave sensors to derive the accurate crop loss % and create crop-specific analysis.


Save on crop survey cost-A Crowd Sourcing Platform to download crop signatures of different crops

CropIntellix Mobile Application & Web Dashboard is designed to collect crop signatures with farm boundary, crop photographs & crop Information.

Collected crop signatures will be available in CropIntellix Web application where user can check/view the data and can download the same in their desired format for further analysis.