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Crop survey & Monitoring Dashboard

An end-to-end platform for field data collection using mobile applications and field survey & surveyor monitoring live from a centralized web dashboard.

We bring all the needs of the crop/field survey activities under one platform for continuous monitoring and for better decision making & cost optimization.

Adaptive & Customizable Mobile Application for Field Data Collection

A comprehensive mobile application that will address all your crop survey needs in a single application which works seamlessly with or without internet connection.

We have coded this application to cover all the critical information required for further analytics, like the farm boundary, crop photographs, geocoordinates, crop sowing status, seed name and many more.

Crop Insurance Platform

An End-to-End digital platform tailored for crop insurance companies with a solution starting from field data collections & monitoring to crop loss assessment & crop loss percentage at plot level.

We integrate crop models, satellite imagery and weather forecast data alongside the Crop Indices like NDVI, EVI, SAVI, CI etc to derive the accurate crop loss % and create crop-specific analysis.